Featured Clients

Deontrai Campbell – 1st place 2017 NPC Universe Men’s Heavyweight

Amadeus Gandy – 1st place 2018 NPC Natural Indiana and OVERALL WINNER

Derick Fields – 2nd place NPC Hoosier Flex Championships classic physique

Nicole Setser – 2016 NPC Natural Indiana women’s bikini

Jake Smith – 2015 NPC Natural Indiana


“Jon was a friend of mine and my posing coach a couple years ago for competing in the NPC Natural Indiana. He really made us feel comfortable with our first experience onstage. Jon knows the industry, nutrition, posing and what it takes to win as much as anyone I have ever met. He has been published on credible industry related media outlets such as tnation.com and others. If I was going to recommend anyone from a beginner or a more experienced competitor he would be my choice. He is honest and will let you know if you are really keeping to your word in your program. Why pay a pro who is feeding you a premade email program when for less cost, you can use someone who is a proven competitor and coach, who will adjust to your specific body type and training style. Great guy all around!!”

Alex Habben – 2015 NPC Natural Indiana


“Jon helped me as a first time contestant in 2015 and it was an excellent experience. My training and diet required a lot of tweaking during the weeks/months leading up to the show and John was there every step of the way. Very professional and very knowledgeable. If you’re looking for someone to keep you on the right track, show prep or not, hard to go wrong with John’s guidance.”