Comprehensive Shoulder Health…

1. Stability > mobility 

2. Posture is 24/7

3. Thoracic mobility 

4. Change your movement, don’t stop moving 

5. Train your rear delts often

6. Train your rear delts hard!

7. Train your rear delts right!

8. Stretch your hip flexors 

9. Heavy overhead pressing is not for everyone 

10. Overhead pressing is a privilege to be earned

11. Heavy overhead pulling is overrated 

12. Respect the healing process 

13. Isometrics are invaluable 

14. Drop the ego lifting 

15. Don’t neglect the core

16. Be mindful of the shoulder during other movements in the gym 

17. Be patient and don’t be greedy with your progress 

18. Stretch your neck and traps

19. Examine your form on presses and pulls

20. Stretch your pecs and lats by hanging from a bar

21. Stop doing dinky prehab exercises for endless reps with crappy form!

22. Lightening the load isn’t always the answer

23. Certain exercises are NOT mandatory! 

24. Learn the difference between shoulder extension and scapular retraction

25. Stop force feeding hyper-mobility 

26. Switching movement planes on an exercise can make a world of difference 

27. Buy a good, appropriate mattress

28. Train antagonistic muscles for upper body in the same training session 

29. Know when to seek professional help 

30. Stop doing crappy stretches in your doorway and learn to stretch your pecs properly

31. Strength your glutes!

32. Learn to generate full-body tension

33. Stop rushing through mobility work! 

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