Do You Really Need to Use Supplements? 

If you said that the supplement industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades it would still be an understatement. It seems like everyone is using some kind of dietary supplement these days but how necessary are they? How much will they contribute to you reaching your goals? Here’s my take…

90-95% of your results come from your efforts in the gym and at the dinner table. Spending $300 per month on supplements will do little if anything for helping you reach your fitness goals if you are not exercising frequently and intensely enough as well as eating properly  (being in a calorie deficit if trying to lose weight with an emphasis on eating nutritious foods, and a nutritious calorie surplus if trying to gain). Conversely, YOU CAN reach your goals or come very close to reaching them with no supplementation at all. 
Here’s the bottom line: don’t feel bad if supplements are not affordable to you or if you are overwhelmed with you the array of choices available. If you are looking for some guidance in this department talk to one of our knowledgeable trainers and they can set you on the right path! Remember, diet and training is the real magic!

Want a real world example of this? I had to learn this the hard way. I used to be that guy spending as much as  $300/mo on supplements when I hadn’t even mastered proper training or nutrition. These days I spend less than  $100 per month on supplements and I know to keep making progress. When I had to buckle down and follow a budget I learned that the bare minimum got me almost my maximum results. Basic items like a multiple vitamin, protein, and creatine monohydrate got me to within less than 10 lbs of contest shape and I had no intention of competing. The results came from proper dietary management aka “the hard stuff!”

Shredded to the bone? No, but lean and looking like a bodybuilder which was my goal.


Cut your supplements down to just protein, multivitamin, and maybe creatinine if you aren’t much of a meat eater. Focus on making progress with your training and eating the way you should. You might be surprised at how well you can do on the bare minimum! 



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